Coctail Bars, Restaurants, Cafes

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The streets of the town of Skala Eressos which border the beach are closed to all automobile traffic and one can walk without fear of being run over. More importantly you do not have to worry about the safety of your children. The town ends at the beach road but cafes and restaurants have built bamboo covered decks that extend out on to the sand so you can sit in the shade and watch your kids playing on the beach and not be more than a few feet away.

There is a small harbor of fishing boats which supply the village with plenty of fresh fish. These are sold in the restaurants and include, shrimp, sardines, delicious red-mullet, tuna, swordfish and more. Seafood here is plentiful and reasonably priced. There are also fish trucks which arrive from all over the island with other fresh fish that may not be available in the waters around Eressos. Like many places in Lesvos, the restaurants take pride in their sardeles pastes as well as their lakerda pastes (tuna) and gavros (anchovies), all caught locally. It is almost guaranteed that you will eat the freshest and most delicious fish you have ever eaten at any of a dozen fish restaurants along the beach.

But it is not just that! There are many restaurants and bistro like cafes with international cuisine like pastas, pizza, exotic salads and vegetarian dishes. If you tire of Greek food there are other choices of cafe-restaurants like Parasol and Flamingo, which serve not only Greek food but Italian, vegetarian, Indian, Mexican and Chinese or you can even eat omelettes and pancakes and American style breakfast.


Skala Eresos offers a variety of cafes and bars right on the sea. In the cafes are foreigners who have come for the history, the romance, the spirituality, or just to be close to the sea, and conversation is never a problem, nor is making friends.