Amazing crystal blue sea

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Skala Eressos has one of the best beaches on Lesvos. It has three kilometres of wide, open sands and a line of cafes and tavernas sitting on stilts along the shore. The beach itself received the blue flag award from the European Council on the Environment as the cleanest and best cared for in Greece. The water is clear and the sand seems to go on for miles. There are even showers and changing cabanas on the beach.

Skala Eressos also has a fresh water river that feeds a natural lake about halfway along the beach.This is home to frogs, fish and hundreds of terrapins and feeding them is a popular pastime for holidaymakers. The lake also attracts rare birds.

The rocky beach on the other side of the harbor is excellent for snorkling and the small beach within the fishing harbor is useful for days when the wind is blowing and your children want somewhere sheltered to swim. Fish and octopus are abundant along the coast and there is a community of monachos-monachos seals that can be spotted on occasion. There is a small church overlooking the harbor with shaded benches where you can relax and read, paint, meditate or write. You can spend your days on the beach or walk for hours in the green valley, past farms and orchards. Windsurfing, paddle boats, kayaks, sunbeds and umbrellas are all available to rent on the beach.


There is something magical about that final moment when the sun slips below the horizon. On a beautiful night when the sun lights the clouds and the sky creates the glory of the perfect sunset people come out of their houses and visitors would stay on the beach to witness one of natures’ truly wonderful spectacles. You can see some of the most magical sunsets in Skala.


The valley is green and fertile with trails and paths that can keep you walking for hours, past small farms, villas, orchards, tiny churches, ancient ruins, and all manner of wild and not so wildlife, including sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, turkeys, foxes, hedgehogs, chickens, and horses. Walking on the long sandy beach is also one of the most relaxing ways to spend your afternoon collecting coloured stones and shells that have been washed up to the shore until the sun sets to the sea.